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Dribbble - What are you working on?

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  • 03/28/19--22:51: Golden toad dancing Yangko
  • Golden toad dancing Yangko

    Golden toad dancing Yangko

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  • 03/28/19--22:56: UI.CN Logo animation
  • UI.CN  Logo animation

    This is the logo of a Chinese design website (ui.cn/UI China). I re-animated the Chinese name of the logo, and took the U in the UI as a magnet. By suction/attraction, I connected other parts and finally changed it into "UI 中国" through the impact of their combination.

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  • 03/24/19--09:47: Winners | Motion Graphics
  • Winners | Motion Graphics

    Another Clip from project "Neeyamo" an HR Solutions company.

    Watch the full video here.

    Press L, if you like it!

    Visit Website | Behance | Facebook | Twitter

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  • 03/28/19--23:15: Start page
  • Start page

    This is UI China APP start page animation designed by me,hope you like~

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  • 03/28/19--23:25: Shapes in shapes
  • Shapes in shapes

    Shapes forming other shapes, that can form other shapes.
    I love animating with shapes.

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  • 03/28/19--23:32: Loading page
  • Loading page

    This is the loading animation of UI Chinese APP that I designed. I took the "U" in UI Chinese brand as the design element and regarded it as the "u-shaped tube" in chemistry experiment class to simulate the action of shaking the test tube when modulating the chemical experiment, which means "the current content is modulating (loading)".hope you like it~

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  • 03/28/19--23:49: DailyUi 005-App icon
  • DailyUi 005-App icon

    Looking forward

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  • 03/28/19--23:50: Drag Animations
  • Drag Animations

    Reminder that you can create these kind of drag animations really easily using Adobe XD.

    XD file here: http://bit.do/dragXD

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  • 03/28/19--23:57: Afghanistan and the Long War
  • Afghanistan and the Long War

    The United States does not trust the Taliban or many of those Pakistani officials speaking to and for the Taliban. But the United States also knows that the future of Afghanistan is of fundamental interest to Pakistan. Instability or Indian influence in Af-pak is not in Pakistan's interest. Therefore, the Pakistanis will play a leading role in Afghanistan as they did after the end of the Soviet occupation.

    Visit Website: http://lisauk.org/articles/detail/afghanistan-and-the-long-war

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  • 03/19/19--09:18: Go for it!
  • Go for it!

    Full project:

    by @[2241249:Johnny Marta]

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  • 03/28/19--23:54: Custom Coloring Website
  • Custom Coloring Website

    Website showcases for custom coloring such as consoles, joysticks, and other gadgets.

    How do you like it? Very happy if you give feedback :)

    Press "L" to appreciate it

    Twitter | Instagram

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  • 03/28/19--23:59: Future
  • Future

    Decided to try some modeling in Element3D using primitive shapes. It was really fun! . .

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  • 03/28/19--23:52: Apple Tree
  • Apple Tree

    An apple fell on my head, that why I make this shot ;))

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  • 03/29/19--00:05: Dive into music
  • Dive into music

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  • 03/29/19--00:15: Travel
  • Travel

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    Home Screen Animation - Super App

    A quick animation for a super app concept I'm currently working on.

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    Payment and contract screen illustrations

    to understand what's this app for, be sure to look at the Previous Shot before to continue.
    Hii again,
    I 've more screens from the parent side but this time some drawings !!
    Illustrations take your user experience to the next level. I 've chosen 3 screens for you.
    1- Our offer screen where the parent can purchase our app
    2- The contract screen where he agrees on usage terms and privacy policy
    3- A screen where he needs to upload a picture so we confirm his purchase
    Tell me on the comments section what do you think about the illustrations, the colors, and which one do you prefer <3
    more is coming Tomorrow, so don't forget to follow me for DAILY inspirations!
    Show me some love if you like it. It keeps me motivated to give more.
    If you want the full case study, you can find it on Behance
    Don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram Instagram
    See you in the next shoot Tomorrow ^_^

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    DarwingChallenge #2 Plaza Mayor Spiderman. Madrid

    I just join to the DarwingChallenge and I choose use it to improve my traditional animation skills. Just for fun, A simple fast animation.

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    Sorting plastic for recycling

    Machines are great, but they can't sort plastic like humans can \o/ The problem is that humans aren't very good in terms of preservation.

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  • 03/28/19--16:25: Barbell plates
  • Barbell plates

    Got inspired and decided to recreate @[66340:Alex Sailer] 3d model to make a short animation out of it 👌
    Have a nice day 🍹

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